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PRS Complaints Proceedure 2018

Jun 11th 2018

Our aim is to provide a first class service and to do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied. If you feel that we have fallen short of this standard and you wish to complain, we ask that you first telephone the person who has been your contact and explain that you are dissatisfied with an aspect of the service you have received.

PRS REdress Scheme Complaints Proceedure

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Waste & Graffiti Mnagament June 2018 - from tenancy

Jun 11th 2018

This show how to gain information on waste / recycling and advice of your bin collection day

It also contains a link to report any tipping / waste issues / vandalism & graffiti

Homematch Limited take living conditions seriously but we all need to help to have a good standard of living

Prevention damp & condensation June 2018 Procudure

Jun 11th 2018

Advice on helping yourself and looking at living conditions


Please report any issues as soon as they occure as we can help manage situations before they cause proeprty damage and your health!

Condensation & Mould Prevention June 20182-018

ASBo - How we deal with it!

Jun 11th 2018

Our procedure to handle situations

ASBO How we deal with it!

Emergency - Out of hours contact

Jun 11th 2018

Included in all our contracts this is our updated communiations guide for current tenants

Emergencies & Out Of Hours Contact Information

NLA National Landlords Association - Accreditation May 2018

May 2nd 2018

Formal Accreditation from on going Landlord Training and CPD (continued Professional Development)

Although we are member of the NLA we are now also formally accredited.



NLA Accredited Training

DPS Advise fpr move outs

Jul 5th 2016

5 steps to better communication with your student tenants

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Tenants now have right to request energy improvements

Apr 8th 2016

From tomorrow (1 April 2016), tenants have the right to request consent from their landlords to make energy-saving improvements for the properties they rent.

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Grounds for Eviction – Mandatory and Discretionary Grounds

Jan 25th 2016

Before we launch into our exhaustive look at all the Schedule 2 grounds in the Housing Act 1988, I just want to pause and take a look at what I consider to be the most important issue for you if you are a private sector landlord (different considerations apply in the public sector, which I will leave to Ben to talk about).

from the Landlords Law Blog


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Immigration ‘Right to Rent’ Checks and Passports

Dec 17th 2015

The Immigration Act 2014 places new restrictions on illegal immigrants accessing private rented accommodation and it falls to Landlords to carry out checks to identify if a potential tenant has the right to reside in the UK. These are to be called ‘Right to Rent Checks'.

The scheme is initially being trialled, from 1st December 2014, in areas in the West Midlands. After an evaluation, it will be rolled out nationally, but there is not definite timescale for that yet.

The trial pilot area areas are Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell and Wolverhampton.

Government Codes of Practice can be found in the Additional Resources section below.


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