Feb 1st 2016

An extra charge of £10 + Vat will now be charged to any applicatant not born in the UK. This is a new legislation by the government.

#NG4 New business for lanlords at lower rates

Our creditc checks are completed via Lets Xl referencing. This new additional check of Visa and passports will cost each applicant an extra £10 + VAT

Check the original documents in the presence of the tenant:
- Check that the documents belong to the tenant.
- Check that the dates for the tenants right to live in the UK hasn't expired.
- Check the photos on the document are of the tenant.
- Check the date of birth on all documents are the same and believable.
- Check that names are consistent across all documents and if they aren't gather supporting documents e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll documentation etc.

Copy the documents:
- Make a copy of their passport - any pages with any personal information, serial numbers or expiry dates on.
- Make a complete copy of all documents
- Keep copies for the entire time they are your tenant plus 1 year after their tenancy ends.

Further checks:
- Check any expiry dates on tenants documents, keep a record of them and remember to recheck documents as and when they expire.