Nottingham City Council have unveiled plans to license ALL private rented properties within the Nott

Feb 15th 2017

Who this will directly effect:

Anyone who owns a private rented property within Nottingham City that is not already licensed.
Who this will not directly effect:

Properties outside of Nottingham City (Beeston - part of Broxtowe Borough, for example).
Properties that are already licensed either as part of mandatory licensing, or as part of the more recently introduced additional licence.

The council agree that compliant landlords make the job (and therefore cost) of licensing much easier/cheaper. There could be a much larger discount offered to landlords who are part of an accreditation scheme and who are already compliant. This would encourage higher levels of compliance, and reduce further the costs to already compliant landlords. They could offer this in conjunction with higher penalties in place for non-compliant landlords to cover any shortfall they have in operating the scheme should they find that more landlords were encouraged to be compliant than they expected.

In short, the bad landlords should pay...

What can I do about this?

Complete the Online Survey or email (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Contact Housing Strategy:
Tel: 0115 8761555
Visit the website.

Can I read more?

You can visit the council website and read the associated literature that was published today.

You can also read the minutes and full details from the Council meeting where Selective Licensing was proposed.